Friday, December 9, 2011

The Luck Of The Monkey In 2012

If you are MONKEY born, you are fully charged this year with plenty of fresh new energy, vigor and vitality giving you a new sense of purpose with the confidence you need to make the year ahead very rewarding for you.

Wow - this year your life force and inner chi essence improve significantly but you will need the presence of water to strengthen your success luck. If possible, enhance the presence of water with the Double Dragon 6 tier water feature placed in the SW3 location or corner of your living room, office or work area...but not in the bedroom even if this is your SW3. A water feature with 6 tiers is also excellent in the SW sector of your garden. Don't miss this important more about why in your fortune and feng shui book for 2012.

In you astrological home direction of SW3 you are sitting directly on the Earth Seal. The good news is that if only one member of the family enjoys the support of the Earth Seal, as you do, your entire household also benefits! Unfortunately the Earth Seal is flanked by two stars of Yearly be careful of your anger and beware of the threat of violence energy, which could overwhelm you. Invoke the protection and help of your particular Guardian Deity to protect you from physical harm.

A word of's true that your life force and chi essence are strong bringing much enthusiasm to help subdue the yearly conflict stars...but be very aware of the number 3 quarrelsome star in your sector. You could become the victim of gossip and you'll need the proper cures in place to take care of negative and hostile energy. Fire energy is what is needed in the SW along with the colour red.

In 2012 you are more aggressive, empowered and driven by the energy of your astrological ally, the Dragon, and you're definitely enjoying a better year than the previous one at work. Don't be surprised when your enhanced energy spills happily over to your domestic and love life too!

You'll find dozens of important suggestions for the Monkey born in the Fortune and Feng Shui horoscope book for 2012 -like your customized protective Tortoise Amulet revitalizing luck for the Monkey in 2012 and why wearing an "Earth Amulet" strengthens your intrinsic element of metal. Because the Monkey feels the effects of the quarrelsome "3" star, you need certain cures to counter it's nasty energy...learn more in your annual horoscope book!

You are a MONKEY if you were born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004

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